4 thoughts on “Are Singaporean property buyers discerning enough?”

  1. Hi, thanks for the sharing.
    I felt that like you say, buyers look at location, layout, facilities, amentities etc. These are more concrete factors to urge buyers to purchase. Not that the reputation of developer is not important, but it serves as a tie-breaker if you can find two units from different projects that share the similar factors.
    At the launch of Parc riviera is competing with Clement canopy. But the latter is price a $100psf more. Hard to just choose it for the developer’s (UOL) name.
    My opinion.

    1. Hi Clazav, thanks for your comment! Yes, you are very right that what matters more to buyers would probably be that S$100 psf difference in price between Parc Riviera and Clement Canopy, especially in a country like Singapore when property price is high.

      It is a chicken and egg issue. Buyers go for cheap products with less consideration towards quality and developers will try to create cheap products to meet demand, maybe less consideration given to quality.

      I guess such a phenomenon will persist and unlikely to change anytime soon unless something bad really happens or the government takes errant developers to task.

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