About SPK

Hello everyone! I am SPK – your Singapore Property Kaki. Just a brief introduction of myself to my kakis here, I am a Singaporean in my thirties, grew up in a simple family, went through the route and ‘rituals’ that most Singaporeans went through – study hard, graduate with a degree, find a good job and hoping to lead a fairy-tale life happily forever…(umm…the last part was just a joke…life isn’t a fairy-tale anyway).

After graduating with a finance degree, I stepped into the working world, and over the years, I have ventured into many different fields such as equity research, portfolio management, real estate research & investments and real estate advisory.

My stock investment journey started during my late teens and I’m still actively investing in the Singapore stock market. And after years of hard work and savings, I bought my first investment property in my late twenties. Through these investments, I hope to work towards financial freedom one day, when my SO and me can do things that we like, start a small business, spend more time on social work.

Why am I starting this blog? It all came from a random chat with my SO, when she encouraged me to start a blog to share. Hence the objective of this blog is to share my experience on property, discuss anything relating to property and investments and also to gather ideas and encourage sharing from everyone via comments so that all the kakis here can benefit from the precious experience and insight that everyone contributes.

Let’s hope that this blog can be an educational and useful sharing platform for everyone!